Is Webinar X Changing The Way Webinars Are Done? In our Webinar X Review we take a closer look, and reveal how it aims to revolutionize webinars… as well as where you can get the biggest discount and bonus!

2016 has been dubbed as the year of video content.

Every year, people are consuming more and more content, and despite the constant thirst for learning, written content is trending down while video content is going way up.

Now, this doesn’t mean that long form content is a thing of the past — it’s still one of the most consumed content in the world. But it’s also not a secret that videos, namely webinars, have been making huge waves.

Webinars are one of the best platforms for learning. It is a live ‘classroom-like’ experience that puts an expert (webinar host) in front of a number of interested learners. Everyone who values learning and acquiring new knowledge and skills appreciates a great webinar.

Now what if I told you that there’s a new, and much better way to improve the webinar experience.

What if there’s a platform that allows webinars to be hosted in beautiful landing pages, rather than the normal boring look.

What if webinars could be so much more, boasting a bevy of features such as replay pages and unlimited attendees?

Right now, that’s just not possible. But everything will change come February 26 — the day that Webinar X finally goes live.

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Webinar X – The Present and the Future

For many years, marketers have been using GoToWebinar, Google Hangouts on Air, and other platforms for webinars. Sure, it works. In fact, I’m pretty sure you’ve attended a couple of these webinars yourself.

Unfortunately, not a single platform has grown at the pace that video content has. These existing webinar platforms did not innovate and meet the demands of the general public.

And that’s where Webinar X comes in.

Webinar X proves to be the present, and the future of webinar content.

Now let’s run down the details in our Webinar X review!

Webinar X Review – The Perks

Imagine a platform that can build your webinar campaign in 2 minutes or less. Sounds crazy right? But that’s exactly what Webinar X can do.

Everything you need from landing pages, to sign up forms, to call-to-actions, to invitations, and up until you host your webinar. It’s an all-in-one webinar solution that gives even the top webinar platforms like GoToWebinar a run for its money.

To this day, only Webinar X is the one true cloud based platform that can streamline the entire process of webinar creation and launch with the utmost fluidity.

Skype, Webinars OnAir, Adobe Connect, MegaMeeting, GoToWebinar, Google Hangouts On Air… All these platforms have flaws and lack certain elements that makes for a smooth and picture perfect webinar experience. Webinar X found all those flaws, listed them down, and made sure that they won’t exist.

Webinar X Review

A peek inside the Webinar X dashboard

Webinar X Pro is all about providing customers a beautiful and brilliant webinar experience. It gives customers the freedom to run webinars straight from your own domain. Full customization, including logos and other branding is also made possible.

With Webinar X, you are completely in control of your webinar. You get to dictate how it looks, and be the maestro of the overall feel and pace of your webinar. It’s an unbelievable experience that is not possible using any other platform.

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For a webinar platform that is truly head and shoulders above its competition, Webinar X is the clear cut choice. I know it’s rare for a newcomer in ANY industry to just come in and dominate right away, but it’s likely to happen this time around.

The Bottomline

Webinar X packs so much punch that other webinar platforms just can’t keep up with. The guys behind this product, Neil Napier & Radu Hahaianu, created this product with all the flaws of the existing platforms in mind. It reverse-engineered the entire webinar landscape and created itself a product that just gives a flat out better experience for you and your audience.

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This Webinar X review is not enough to tell you just how much better this software is. The best thing you can do is to try it out and see for yourself.

So are you ready to take the webinar experience to the next level? Then go ahead and grab it now, and get your copy of Webinar X for $37 instead of $197 (offer valid for limited time only!!).

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